Born in a traditional Iyengar family with a strong background of Sanskrit and Philosophy, Acharye Hema has deep spiritual roots. Having a very strong yet sensitive mind, she started the study of Indian Philosophy and Bhagavadgeeta at the age of 5. She got deeply inspired by the life of the Great Master Swamy Vivekananda, and started the practice of Yogasana at the age of 12 with Acharya Venkatesha. For the next few years, Hema's spiritual education progressed in the multiple dimensions of Asana, Meditation, Sanskrit and Philosophy. Apart from this, due to the interest in the composition and functioning of the human body, she undertook a serious study of anatomy.

By the time she was 15, Acharye Hema had excelled in the practice of Asanas. She was never too interested in the competitions- but, participated in them as a learning experience. She won many championships but the critical knowledge of Asanas she gained through that experience was her real takeaway.

Hema always had a strong inclination towards healing and had every talent and opportunity to join a medical school. However, she chose to drop her formal college education when she was 16 and dedicate herself to Yoga full time. She married Acharya Venkatesh in 1997-when she was 17. Much later in 2007, she resumed her college education just for fun and directly obtained a Masters degree in English Literature with a Gold Medal.

As a teacher, she has worked with children extensively and has an exceptional talent for artistic Yoga. She  has coached  many students into champions and was also the youngest referee at the state and National Championships.  All this was before she reached the age of 21. 

But her real interest is the Therapeutic angle of the Asanas. This is where she excels. She is an Expert- Therapist known for her sensitive adjustments and razor sharp intellect. Hema has over 19 years of teaching experience to her credit.

Hema was always a wise soul. She is known among her students for deep spirituality, quick wit and her soul-stirring voice.  Her teaching skills are not restricted just to asanas. She has been running Insightful workshops on the Yoga Sutras, chanting and Sanskrit since 1997 . They are considered as highly inspiring, scientific and innovative. 

Apart from being an excellent Teacher, Hema is also the Creative Head and student co-ordinator of Atmavikasa.