Atmavikasa aims at providing Authentic, Unadulterated, High Quality Yoga Training Experience to every practitioner.  



We strive to keep Yoga pure. We do not adjust by touching your body. We believe that the postures should organically bloom from within you like a flower. We adjust your mind to master the body and overcome the fear. You will reach excellence on your own.
— Yogacharya Venkatesha

The Founders

Yogacharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hema are the founders of Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences, Mysore. They are partners in Yoga & Life.They have been married for over twenty years and complement each other perfectly. They teach together in the Mysore shala and travel the world together to share their wisdom. They have taught workshops all over the world and have been featured as the "Guests of Honour" in various prestigious Yoga festivals. They have conducted Masters Lessons for the Yoga Alliance, UK. Honouring their exceptional expertise and experience, The Yoga Alliance, UK offered them the designation of Senior Yoga Teachers [SYT]. However, they have gracefully declined it, and have chosen to remain as humble, Independent, Expert Teachers. 

Who are we and How are we different..

  • We are the first International Classical Hatha Yoga school of  Mysore. We have a solid teaching experience of over thirty years. 
  • Pioneers and founders of the world famous back-bending techniques. 
  • First International Yoga school in Mysore to introduce a full range of Yogic Sciences such as Pranayama, Kriyas, Bandhas, Sanskrit, Chanting and Yoga Sutras.
  • First school in Mysore to introduce Teachers Training Programs.
  • The First Centre to hold a Yoga Therapist Training Program in Mysore 
  • We have a zero injury record of three decades. Actually, we have helped many people heal their Yoga injuries..
  •  Personalized Care to every student; Every student has personal requirements. Whether the room is full or there is only one student, we strive to identify individual needs and fulfil them. After all, Teaching is all about caring.
  •  Away from the madding crowd, we practice and teach in the most peaceful shala of Mysore.
  • At Atmavikasa, you will experience the nostalgic old world teaching style which is hard to find in the modern world.
  • We teach you not to fear the pain but to overcome it.
  • Whatever you learn, you will learn with precision and integrity.
  • Whether your are flexible or rigid, young or old, beginner or advanced, You will still grow at Atmavikasa.
  • We help you reach the best in you through intense focus and discipline. 
  • We help you get more in touch with your "self "  and inspire you to rewrite the stories you have written about yourselves in your mind.
  • Yoga is NOT our Business- it is our profession, our worship and our Life.. we teach the same to you.

The Results Of Practice ..

At Atmavikasa, we firmly believe that the results of a consistent Yoga practice should be life-transforming. We aim at imparting high quality Yoga education by integrating the disciplined authenticity of the old school with the cool fluidity of the new school. Lifestyle modification techniques are a part of all our programs . You can feel the impact of our organic teaching approach within just a few days . As your practice deepens, your skin will glow, the body becomes supple and the mind becomes restful. You will start feeling and looking much younger than your age. The results run deeper than the body. You will gain inner strength and simplicity . A strong will, keen observation, restful mind and an unbreakable spirit is what you will gain by a consistent practice of our methods. With us, you will learn to appreciate the beauty and importance of Self practice and to carry your practice beyond the mat with precision and confidence.

Authenticity and Awe-inspiring Results are the factors that set Atmavikasa Yoga Training Programs a class apart from the rest of the crowd. It is all about how we make you Feel ..