Teachers Masters education Program

 A Refreshingly Original Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Program


Special Signature Feature on Therapeutic applications of Yoga for Women’s wellbeing

Starting on 19 january -27 February 2020

6 WEEKS,300 + HRS

Atmavikasa Teachers Education Program is no ordinary Teachers Training Program. It is a Masters Program for those who wish to deepen their practice and enhance their teaching & life-building skills. This is a class apart from those ordinary programs run by mass-scale teachers training factories. 

We intend to build “Teachers” who “live” Yoga and not just preach it.  We ARE NOT INTERESTED in producing “Zombie Certified Instructors” who have no sensitivity towards the beauty of Yoga or its life-changing abilities.

Our program is Traditional, Disciplined, Undiluted and Deep.

In this program, we will help you improve your personal wellness and give you the confidence to share your experiences with others. We teach you only what we have experienced and motivate you to clearly experience what you intend to teach. 

What to Expect from this training ?

Disciplined Practice,Lifestyle Changes, Inspiration & Instigation to step out of your comfort zone, a lot of sweat, glowing faces and some cool company of some great people that we choose out of the crowd.. that is what you can expect here..

This program intends to

  • Inspire you to think beyond the physical and follow the true spirit of Yoga.

  • Provide that nourishing attention to each practitioner- which is seldom found in big groups.

  • Introduce you not just asanas- but, numerous other skills required by a teacher.

  • Give you thorough knowledge of Teaching oriented communication skills

  • Gain great clarity about your practice [which even the so called “advanced practitioners” mostly never have] and thereby do justice to your students.

  • Motivate you develop a strong and dedicated self-practice.

  • Enhance your memory, improve your health, patience and confidence.

  • Introduce you to new avenues of health, life-style and practice.

  • Help you feel and look more energetic and youthful

Please read our student experiences. They are definitely a great read

Experience of Marta from Spain

Claire's Shirshasana Battle


Those who are genuinely interested in our approach and trust us. We want people who love yoga and the ones who are ready to immerse themselves in practice and ready to do everything that is required to become a good practitioner and a better human being. Additionally

  • a consistent practice of two years in any system OR

  • An intense practice at Atmavikasa or a strong recommendation by a student of Atmavikasa will be considered as an added advantage.


who is not eligible

  • Self declared experts & people who believe that they are “advanced” enough already.

  • People who are interested in certificates alone

  • People who detest changes

  • People who cannot stand feedback or correction

  • People who believe that they are already teachers and hence not interested in learning

Please understand that we expect you to be sincere, humble, disciplined and hard-working when you work with us.  This program is by no means a way of ego-gratification. In fact, no learning ever is.

Please Note

  • We have taught Master lessons for Yoga Alliance UK. We inspire and train their teachers to learn deeper by being a part of their Vocational trainings. However, we ourselves are Humble, Independent Teachers who started teaching way before the Yoga Alliance came into existence.

  • We are not accommodation providers or agents. We will happily share what we know whenever possible. But, you are responsible for your own accommodation and food .

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